The mission of the Coginchaug Basketball Club is to promote the game of basketball within the towns of Durham and Middlefield and to provide a positive basketball experience. CBC will promote the development of coaching and individual player skills.

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2020 CBC Season Update

Good Morning Basketball Families,


I hope all of you had a great weekend.  I know many of you have reached out to me and are anxious to see if there will be a CBC season this winter.  Unfortunately, we found out from RSD13 that outside organizations like the CBC will not be allowed to use any of the school gyms for practice or games for the indefinite future.  Other area school gyms like the Independent Day School have the same policies. 


We know all of our young players are looking forward to competing against other towns on the court this season.  As many of you know, our board is a bunch of level-headed, competitive, and determined individuals that have not accepted that it’s impossible to have a season.  We want our kids to play basketball, become leaders and better teammates, observe how hard work will show results, and learn how to compete throughout the season.   As a Board, we also have to acknowledge the health risks associated with the pandemic.  


We have a few options/scenarios that are available which allows some level of organized basketball in a controlled environment. 


Scenario 1-  We can secure 1 practice for an hour for each age group at Sports on 66 in East Hampton during the week (M-F) between 6-9 pm.  Their scheduler is hard at work trying to make this season happen.  All games would have to be played at Sports on 66 as well in the evenings during the week when we aren’t practicing or anytime during the weekends.  The CBC fee for this scenario would be between $200 - $250 and not the normal amount of $300 like in previous years.  For the new 4th and 5th grade parents, this fee is a yearly charge for our program.  In a normal year, our club gets free access to school gyms during the week after school to practice.  The things that our club has to pay for are referees, tournaments, website and league fees, insurance coverage for all our players, as well as paying for usage of Strong School on the weekends for our games as well as custodial costs.


Pros for this scenario- kids get to socialize, exercise, compete with their teammates, practice during that hour at Sports on 66 to hone their skills, and play in 1 game during the week or on the weekend.


Drawbacks for this scenario-  no home games, 25 minute travel time for all games and practices, Sports on 66 charges 2-3 dollars entry fee for some playoff and tournament games.


Scenario 2-  This scenario is an option in case Sports on 66 can’t accommodate all of our teams for practice time.  This means that all our CBC teams will get no practice time at all but can still play in 1 game a week at Sports on 66.  The fee for this scenario will drop to around $150 since we do not have to pay for practice time.


Pros for this scenario-  kids get to socialize, exercise, compete with their teammates, and play in 1 game during the week.


Drawbacks for this scenario- having no practice is extremely tough especially for coaches and younger players, no home games, 25 minute travel time for all games, Sports on 66 charges 2-3 dollars entry fee for some playoff/tournament games.


Neither one of these scenarios is ideal, but in these difficult times, these might be the only options we have because of this virus.  Another major drawback I feel is the fees will be non-refundable.  This is due to the fact that our commissioner will be charging our club to pay for our time at Sports on 66 for the season.  If spikes in cases occur, or a team cancels, the gym still has to be paid for.  I realize this makes the decision for all of you much more difficult.  This is why the board has decided to have a “re” registration for all families.  It will be easier and quicker to delete the registrations and have you reregister so we know who is in and who has decided that this opportunity is not for them.  We want all of you to do what is best for your family because that comes way before basketball.


Registration will close on Sunday, October 25th at 8:00 PM.  Based on the commitment levels we will then announce which teams have enough players to field a team.  Practice will start the week of November 2nd.  The first games are expected to start the weekend of December 5th.   It is possible we would participate in a Turkey Shoot tournament on Thanksgiving weekend. 


Our Board remains committed to figuring out a season in a safe environment for our players.  But flexibility will be critical as well with following all the COVID protocols.  I hope these scenarios work for you and your family and I see all of you on the court very soon.  Below is the link for the re-registration.  Thank you


Mark Smolley

CBC President

by posted 10/22/2020
Captains Program

by posted 07/10/2020
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